Tips for Learning Vocabulary

Does your child struggle to learn vocabulary?  This can be a difficult skill to master when not approached the right way.  We found this great visual from Vocabulary Strategies That Work: Do This-Not That! by Lori Wilfong of tips for learning vocabulary the right way, as well as some things to avoid…


*Help kids come up with their own definitions for words.  Vocabulary is not like math facts – it should be understood and applied rather than memorized.  Helping kids define a concept in their own words gives them a more complete understanding.

*Use symbols or pictures to help vocabulary come to life.  Drawing a little picture in addition to defining a term is a great way to help commit the concept to memory.

*Use and apply vocabulary words often.  How about helping your child practice vocabulary in every day conversation?  Work their words into a discussion at the dinner table or have them tell you about one of their words while riding in the car.  When vocabulary is used rather than practiced the result is a much better understanding of concepts.


Within Reach Learning Center would love to hear your thoughts!  How do you help your child learn vocabulary?


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