Tips For Raising a Great Reader

Earlier in the week Within Reach Learning Center posted some math tips for helping make math part of your everyday life.  This just as important, and just as fun, for reading!  Here are some great reading tips tips that are sure to get your child excited about reading…

Let them see you reading.  Modeling is a great way to help your kids so let them see that you are excited about reading and they are sure to follow your lead.  Talk to them about the great new book you are reading, even curl up and read together!


Read together!  Pick out a great mystery to read with your child and try to figure out the clues and solve the mystery!

Ask questions about what your child is reading.  Who are the important people in the story?  Why do you think the character made that choice? What do you think will happen next?  These are all great ways to get your kids talking about, and enjoying what they are reading!

Go see the movie!  Choose a book that has a movie version coming out, have them read the book or read it together, then go see the movie.  Afterwards, compare and contrast the two and discuss which you liked better.

Encourage your child to write.  Letters, thank you cards, emails, stories, journals, etc.  All these forms of writing help develop kids creativity and imagination and help them become better readers.

We hope that these ideas will help get your child excited about reading.  Share with us… what kids of books get your kids interested?


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