Your Kids’ Favorite Educational Websites

As part of Within Reach Learning Center’s 8th birthday celebration we asked you what your children’s favorite books, websites, and apps were.  We go some great responses!!  .

Here are some of your favorite educational websites – This website has a little bit of everything.  From math and reading games, to games that parents can play with their child, to online books, to games just for fun.  There is something here for everyone.  Within Reach Learning Center likes this site because it is easy for kids to navigate themselves and parents can rest assured that they are playing games that help them learn. – This site is a fantastic resource for older kids “ages 13 to 100.”  It features pre-algebra, fractions, and geometry games as well as games that practice basic math facts.  The site has even added games for reading, spelling, and geography, too.  You can also find links to other coolmath sites such as coolmath4kids which is designed for kids ages 3-12. – This site is for younger kids – preschool through kindergarten.  It is a full online curriculum with games for math, reading, spelling, science, art & colors, and music.  This is a membership site, but it is actually very affordable and offers so many great resources.

Educational websites are such a fantastic resource!  They challenge our kids, nurture their love for technology in a healthy way, and keep them engaged with interesting material.  Within Reach Learning Center also likes National Geographic Kids website.  They have fun games and fascinating articles to explore.

Thanks for all your input on this topic.  Hopefully your will check out some of these sites with your children and let us know what you think!


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